you don’t just give people mithril coats. that’s like the dwarven equivalent of ‘we’re engaged now’



the entire lord of the rings from the rings perspective

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You know who else rejected the platonic reading and decided to move forward, recognizing and living with the belief that the romance she was seeing before her eyes was textually present and that she would behave accordingly?

Mrs. Hudson


Can you imagine it, though?

It’s early on in their friendship when a honey bee gets into 221B through the window. John gets up, grabs his empty mug and news paper from his chair side table, and moves towards the buzzing, and Sherlock- fearing the worst is about to happen- opens…


Obvious, but: this is especially poignant because they weren’t on speaking terms at the time. I mean John prettied himself up and had been on his way back to Sherlock when he was abducted, but I don’t think Sherlock knew about that. The last words John said to him before this moment appear to have been “Fuck off.” And Sherlock accepted that.

You may not want me in your life anymore, John Watson, but there’s no way I’m going to let you die.